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Step Two: Contact Us


At this stage you have completed the most important crucial step you can for the Defendant.  You have contacted or have been contacted by a California Licensed Bail Bond Agent from About Time Bail Bonds.

There is no reason to go to the Jail where your loved one is being held unless you plan to deposit the FULL bail amount to the county, which is called Posting Full Cash Bail. (This option will be fully explained in Step 3.)

About Time Bail Bonds will now handle everything for you in a professional, courteous and completely confidential manner.  Most likely, your loved one will contact you from the holding cell, if your phone accepts collect calls, and tell you they are fully booked in and ready to be bailed out. 99% of the time that is not accurate because of the slow and tedious booking process explained in (Step 1).

At this time, be sure to let your loved one know that you have everything handled from the outside. There are some unscrupulous Bail Bond companies out there that will end up putting added stress and most likely a financial burden on you and your loved one.  About Time Bail Bonds will continuously call the Jail every 15-20 minutes for you, until the jail confirms your loved one is completely booked in and releases the Bail Information to one of our Bail Agents.

The Bail Information will include the spelling of the Defendants name, booking number, the charge(s), the case number, the court date, the court time, the court location and the bail amount.  Every charge has a set bail amount.  Please refer to the Riverside County Bail Schedule for more information.  The facility will now accept a bail bond from a California Licensed Bail Bond Agent.

Remember from start to finish the Booking Process can take up to 3-6 hours to complete.

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