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Please select a County to begin locating an Inmate:

Step One: Booking


At this stage your loved one is being photographed, finger printed and may be blood or urine tested. This is called the Booking Process.  This is being done at the local County Jail:

  1. Southwest Detention Center - Murrieta, CA
  2. Robert Presley Detention Center - Riverside, CA
  3. Larry D Smith Detention Center - Banning, CA
  4. Indio County Jail - Indio, CA
  5. Blythe County Jail - Blythe, CA

Or the local Police Department.  The only Riverside County Police Departments that allow Bail Bonds to be posted for the Defendants release are:

  1. Hemet, CA Police Department
  2. Corona, CA Police Department
  3. Palm Springs, CA Police Department

The Booking Process can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete depending on how busy the facility is.  You can check the inmate's status at the top of this page under the Inmate Locators tab.

Most of the time, the slowest part of the Booking Process is the jail waiting for the Defendant's fingerprints to come back confirming that they do not have any outstanding Warrants in any other counties or states.  If they do they will also be booked on those cases.

Once ALL the Defendant's information is gathered, it is put into their folder.  The folder then goes to the business office where it will be entered into the computer system on a first come first serve basis.

Once the Defendant is changed into the county jumpsuit and placed into the holding cell, they will be given access to a payphone and a Bail Bond Company phone number list.  The defendant can now either call you or a bail Bondsman collect.  Be aware that most cell phones and land lines do not accept collect calls, so do not be surprised if you get a phone call from a Bail Bondsman first.  When the Booking Process is completed, the jail will then release the bail information to a California Licensed Bail Bondsman, friends and family.

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