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Step Four: Bail Bond


There are two parts of the Bail Bond.


A.  The Bail Bond Premium:  "The fee to get the defendant out of Jail"


About Time Bail Bonds is here in case you do not have the means to Post Full Cash Bail.  What we will do is execute an Insurance Policy for the full Bail Amount.  The fee for the Insurance Policy is regulated by the Califonia Department of Insurance.

The Rates are 10% (Most Cases) and 8% (Union member, Military, Retained Private Attorney and Homeowners).

For Example, a $5,000 Bail amount at a rate of 10% would cost $500 to bail your loved one out of Jail.  At the 8% rate it would cost $400 to bail your loved one out of Jail.  This fee is Non-Refundable.

Please do not be afraid to ask an agent from About Time Bail Bonds to set you up with an INTEREST FREE payment plan to suit your financial situation.  We have set up many creative payment plans in the past and will continue to do so in the future. 

We understand that in these uncertain economical times everyone's needs are different.  About Time Bail Bonds is here to help.  Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, check, western union, bank wire transfer or cash. 


B.  The Bail Bond Contract:  "Signature Bond"


The Bail Bond Contract will need to be signed by you guaranteeing that the Defendant will go to court each and every time the judge so orders until the case is closed.  The Defendant may only have to go to court once or five times depending on the circumstances.  Since every court case is different, we cannot know, in advance, the number of times a Defendant will have to appear before the court.  Your signature will garantee the Bail Bond.  Collateral is not needed in most cases.

Once the case is closed, and we have received a written exoneration from the court and the Bail Bond Premium has been paid in full, your commitment to About Time Bail Bonds is complete.  At this time, any collateral that was deposited will now be returned.

Even if the Defendant was, unfortunetly, found guilty and sentenced to probation or community service, you are NOT responsible for the completion of the Defendant's punishments.  This responsibility rests solely with the Defendant. 

If the Defendant does NOT go to court and, as they call it in the movies "skip's bail", "jump's bail", moves to Nebraska, changes their hairstyle and gets plastic surgery, then you are responsible for the FULL BAIL AMOUNT plus all fees and expenses incurred during the investigation of locating and arresting the Defendant, unless the Defendant is returned to the court within 185 days.  You are also still responsible for the balance of the Bail Bond Premium if a payment plan was set up at the time of the Bail Bond Posting.  It's in your best interest to ensure that the Defendant appears in court and gets the case cleared up.

Once the terms are established for the Bail Bond Premium, you agree to the Bail Bond Contract and make payment over the phone or internet, we will immediately post the Bail Bond at the jail to expidite the release process.  We will then take care of the paperwork.

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